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Marketing & Advertising Sales

EVENT:               Pre-Pageant Planning

WHERE:             Coordinate time with your team

REPORT TO:     OPEN POSITION, Director of Marketing

EVENT DATE:  Sales opportunities obtained up to event



# Volunteers Needed:  open

Details: Volunteers are needed who have a knack for rallying community support, have ideas to help raise operational money and would enjoy assisting the Pageant Committee with selling advertising space in the Pageant Program. Additionally, this would include any Business Support that would like to contribute to the Scholarship Foundation as well as any In-kind gifts that would be added to the Title holder award packages; Hotel Stays for out of town Judges/Distinguished visitors; or Business Promotional items that could be placed in the Pageant Workshop duffel bags (40).


IE: Gift Cards or Coupon items for Food, shoes, clothes, electronics, jewelry, spa packages, health and wellness, dental whitening, hair care baskets, makeup baskets, perfume gift sets, photo packages, cover features in magazines and papers, and any other interests that could be used for the Teen Contestant or her Escort. Note: All monetary support will be turned into the Pageant CPA, Mayo & Associates

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